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#ArtsMatterDay 2018! Why Do The Arts Matter To You?

Why do the arts matter to you? For 80 years, the Celebrity Series has strived to enrich and inspire the community around Greater Boston because we know that the arts matter. We have seen through our events on stage, on streets, and in the neighborhood that the arts make a real impact in Greater Boston and enrich our collective experience. Today, the Celebrity Series joins hundreds of organizations and individuals in Massachusetts for the 5th Annual #ArtsMatterDay, an online celebration of arts, culture, and creative expression, organized by MassCreative. Join us online and tell us why #ArtsMatter to you!

Our video features some ways that arts matter to our staff. Below are more ways that arts matter to us:

“Arts matter because Boston’s future is indubitably tied to them. The Arts and Boston’s diverse local artists will drive progress in the city, and unite neighborhoods that historically have never interacted with one another. Indeed, if we keep investing and growing in the Arts, they are what could truly differentiate this awesome metro-area as a global hub over the next 5-10 years.” – Alec Bleday, Major Gifts Officer

“Arts matter because it gives us so many incredible ways to positively connect with people for an entire lifetime.  I can’t imagine being alive without playing flute or singing every day!” – Robin Baker, Associate Director of Community Engagement

“Arts matter because the arts give life meaning.” – Paul Sayed, Digital Marketing Manager

“Arts matter because you can express yourself.” – Nicole Williams, Audience Services Associate

“Arts matter because the arts have the ability to directly change how you experience empathy, love, joy, sadness and all other emotions of the human experience. Beyond words, experiencing the arts opens up a chamber of depth and complexity on an individual level that changes you forever!” – Amanda Ice, Public Projects Manager

“Arts matter because they keep me grounded and happy during crazy times!” – Jonathan Carpenter, Technology Operations Manager

“Arts matter because they inspire us to see through another’s perspective, to listen more closely to the world around us, to share space with others in a common experience.” – Sarah Long Holland, Associate Director of Institutional Giving

Video by Celebrity Series videographer and graphic design assistant Kristín Otharsson featuring “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go, an artist on our current season.

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