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The Pianos Have Arrived!

IMG_9721Thanks to our friends at Jamestown, our Street Pianos Boston team has set up shop in a beautiful, natural light-filled spot at The Innovation and Design Building in Boston’s Seaport District. This past Wednesday, we began loading in our 60 pianos—all of which will be decorated by local artists next month—and we’re now working quickly to prepare our artists’ work space!

From Kimball to Wurlitzer and everything in between, the pianos are all vintage, American-made instruments and vary in size from spinet to studio uprights. Once all of the pianos are settled into their summer home, our technician team will give them the TLC they need to be in top shape for the festival. Then, starting July 18, our talented artists take the reins and begin transforming these instruments into unique playable art!

Watch a short video of the pianos’ arrival (above), and be sure to join us September 23 – October 10 in neighborhoods around the city for Street Pianos Boston 2016!

Video Production by Kristin Otharsson
Photo by Robert Torres

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